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News flash! 소재 구성의 준랜덤(quasi-random) 분포를 통해 열전 성능 지수 132% 증진 | 소재 분야 권위 있는 국제 학술지 ‘Nano Energy’ 게재

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This article is part of the themed collection: Journal of Materials Chemistry C HOT Papers

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News flash! Structure-property relationships in nanoporous and amorphous iridium oxides

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This article also appears in Hot Topic: Surfaces and Interfaces

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This paper is dedicated to Professor Catherine Stampfl FAA (School of Physics, the University of Sydney, Australia) for her pioneering work on the theory of hetero-interfaces and surfaces, particularly in the areas of adsorption on metal surfaces, chemical reactions at surfaces, oxidation/corrosion of metal surfaces, and surface phase transitions.

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News flash! Liquid metal ink liberates form


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